Tips on Vaping Cannabis Concentrates

Vaping cannabis is considered an alternative to tobacco smoking. Vaping doesn’t rely fully on combustion which is bad for your health. It is a safer method of cannabis consumption because it turns liquid into vapor using heat. There are different gears for vaporizing the concentrates. Here are some tips on vaping cannabis concentrates:

Get the Right Dosage

cannabis vapingGetting the right dosage is important for you to accomplish your purpose of use. A high dosage of THC will get you too high. A little dosage of CBD will not serve the intended purpose. Start by using the common cannabis measurement before adjusting to your liking later.

The measurement of cannabis will depend on the difference in your brain, metabolism, and circulatory system. Use the dosage you are comfortable with and do not overuse. For a beginner, you can record down some variables such as weight, what you ate before vaping, how you felt afterward and the amount of dosage you took. This will help you find a suitable measurement for you.

Vaping Device

There are plenty of vaping devices to choose from. There are those that are portable and tabletop units. A tabletop unit is good if you are enjoying yourself with your friends and do not intend to go anywhere. Disposable vape pens are used one time and pre-filled with the concentrate of your choice. When the liquid runs out in the pen, you have to get rid of it. Disposable pens are not largely used because they’re not economical.

The pre-filled cartridges make the vaping process simple. The cartridge may be 0.5ml or 1ml containing THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Refillable vaporizers are more complex but give flexibility. They consist of a battery attached to a tank with an internal coil. You fill the chamber by removing the tanker from the battery and opening it.

Get the Right Cannabis

If you are planning to use a bud, get a specific vape device that will handle the dry bud. Most devices burn the bud at high temperatures. The concentrates include; wax, shatter, and oil. They are usually stronger than the dry bud. You are only required to use a little because of the effects.

Wax is the most common and cheapest vaping concentrate. It is soft and the weakest of all concentrates. Shatter has the highest potency. It is consists of glass and can easily break. Tinctures are used to make vape juice but you need to find a device that can handle it.

vaping cbd concentrates

Conduction and Convection Vaporizers

Conduction and convection are the two processes involved in vaporization. Convection is the best method to use. It atomizes the use of hot air to heat up the cannabis concentrates hence there is no scorching. Most vaping devices offer a great convection experience. The best devices offer both although they are a bit expensive.