How to Select the Top Automatic Feeder for Your Dog

How to Select the Top Automatic Feeder for Your Dog

Today, dogs can be left home alone without any fear that they will soon get hungry while you are not yet home. Before the advent of this innovative device, pet owners will always argue who among the family members will stay over the weekend to feed the dogs. Or you may have questioned, who among your neighbors can be trusted to care for your pup while you are away.

Indeed, when automatic dog feeders hit the market, a great sigh of relief must have been felt by every dog lover. Now, leaving their favorite pet is just like leaving a grown kid at home who knows how to get food when he is hungry.

When choosing the right brand of automatic dog feeders, you should consider the following important features.

food Well-rounded Nutritional Information App

This can efficiently create a nutritional profile of your pet so you can manage the amount of dog food you can give during meal times. This will also help you schedule the time when you are going to give the next meal. With information and instructions directly into your mobile phone, you are on top of things when it concerns your pet dog’s health.

Voice Recording Feature

Sometimes, your dog will be hard to call and eat its meal much more if it is playing with something else. This feature will help you call your dog during mealtime. The importance of this feature is not limited to that, though, as it can appear that your dog has some company while you are away.

Large-capacity Storage Hopper

When your automatic dog feeder has a large storage hopper, it can store a large volume of your dog food. This means that you may not need to refill it many times during the week. With these features, you will not worry if you can be delayed in going home during a weekend getaway.

Long-lasting Backup Batteries

Backup batteries, which can last for hours, is ideal when there is a power outage. You can rest assured that you will be home when the battery will be off.

feeding dogProgrammable Eating Time

Automatic dog feeders vary in their programmable eating time schedules. You know your dog best, so you can program the ideal meal schedule. There are also some brands that can detect if there is some food left in the food tray. This will allow them to limit the food that they will discard on the meal plate.

Tamper Proof Material

Your automatic dog feeder may look worn out in just a few weeks if it is not made from tamper-proof materials. With its outer surface and design free from your pup’s scratches, you won’t need to hide the device from its conspicuous location when it was brand new.…