New Year’s Eve Traditions Passed Down from our Seniors

New Year’s Eve Traditions Passed Down from our Seniors

People invent new things every new year, but celebrating a new year is not changed much. Some traditions have lasted for several decades, and people continue practicing them to date. New year’s eve celebrations are some of the most followed practices passed down to us from ages ago.

The new year’s celebrations might differ now slightly, but we still practice many traditions handed to us by our grandparents. However, people download and share happy new year gifs alongside happy new year wishes in this internet age.

Here we sample some of the best new year’s eve tradition handed down to us from decades ago:

Making New Year’s Resolutions

making new years resolutionsNew year’s resolutions are not a tradition that has just begun. As we usher in a new year, we usually sit and write down what we intend to achieve in the coming year, and they have done it for ages. It is one of the most popular new year’s eve traditions globally but what you might not know is that people before us used to set goals for the new year too. It doesn’t end at making the new year resolutions. You also have to jot down what you can do to achieve these goals the same way our predecessors did.

New Year’s Decorations

new year's decorationIt is not only the Christmas holiday that is filled with decorations but also the new year holiday. We can trace the new year’s tree decoration back to the early 1600s. Most people now use the same Christmas tree but decorate it differently to suit the new year celebrations.


New Year’s Food

new year meal-soup from koreaJust like in Thanksgiving, where turkey is the commonly cooked meal, new year’s eve meal traditions also exist. Various communities consider specific meals to bring good fortune in the coming year when eaten on the new year’s eve. For instance, Brazilians eat lentils, Spanish love eating white grapes. Some cultures eat black-eyed peas, some ham, and some cornbread. All these meals symbolize good fortune in the coming year.

Looking Sharp

I am sorry if you think that people of these new generations are the only ones who like to look sharp. Even our grandparents loved to appear gorgeous during Christmas and the new year holidays. If you look at our grandparents’ photo albums, you will realize that they used to dress sharply, especially in holiday gatherings. Since then, the tradition has been passed to the new generations.…