4 Features That Make PVC Curtains the Best for Dog Cages

4 Features That Make PVC Curtains the Best for Dog Cages

We pamper our pet dog by bringing him to the pet salon for grooming. We buy him the most expensive dog food and give him the best toys. We cuddle them and bring him along during our daily walk in the park. Whatever that comes to mind that will make our favorite pet happy, we do them to give back the affection that he gives us.

One way of giving a favor to our dog is to provide him a comfortable cage. A soft cushion, pillow, and blanket will surely make him comfortable when resting or sleeping. But don’t stop there. A PVC curtain on the entrance door of the cusca de caine or dog cage will do more wonders. Here are some qualities of PVC curtains that make it the best choice for dog cages.

pet dogFlexibility

Unlike other curtains that become stiff over time, curtains for dog cages that are made of PVC remain flexible all year round. It maintains its elasticity, whether it is summer or winter because PVC is heat and frost-resistant. This means that you don’t need to have separate sets of curtains for different seasons. The flexibility of PVC curtains on the entrance of dog cages makes it convenient for the dog to enter or come out of the dog cage.

Insulating Property

PVC curtains help in maintaining the temperature within the dog cage. By providing a thermal barrier between the inside of the cage and outside, dog cages are more comfortable for dogs, whatever the season is.

Transparent Form

Our pets dogs will surely not like going inside dark and enclosed cages. Transparent forms of PVC curtains allow dogs to see through their cages. You may not also be the guardian angel of your pet while he is sleeping if the curtain is not transparent.


dog houseOur dogs would always want to have something to chew on or to scratch with their claws. Although PVC curtains are flexible, they possess some kind of toughness, so that they do not easily get damaged by the dogs’ teeth and claws.

Indeed, providing a comfortable and stress-free cage for our dog is one way of ensuring that he gets quality sleep. A PVC curtain will not only prevent pests from entering the dog cage but also protects the inside of the cage from getting wet from the rain when the dog cage is placed outside. It also provides a shield from the strong rays of the sun.