Top Catering Tips for Corporate Events

caterer at workPlanning everything about catering for a corporate event is usually not an easy task. You have to account for every aspect to ensure that everything turns out okay. It is even more complicated if the event involves more than one meal and drinks to be served. A few tips to help you make everything successful are highlighted below.

Hire a Caterer

If you are not into catering as a profession, it would be better to consider hiring someone who does it for a living. Worry Free Catering was voted the best in Las Vegas, and thus you can always bet on their the experience, knowledge, and skills to serve foods and drinks. However, hiring a caterer can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses that do not have significant budgets for entertainment.

Take a Headcount

Regardless of whether you intend to hire a caterer or not, you should have a headcount of the people that will be at the corporate event. The more accurate you can be with the number, the easier it will be for you to plan. You will be able to come up with a reasonable budget that will ensure everybody is adequately served, yet no food is wasted. Do not forget to leave a little wiggle room in case the attendees will be more than the number you expected.

Decide on Whether to Provide an Open Bar

Your decision to whether you should have an open bar may depend on the event and budget with which you have. If the event is a training seminar or business meeting, for example, an open bar may not be a good idea. For a sit-down dinner meant to woo new business partners or contracts, an open bar will be an excellent idea. For an open bar, ensure that you make arrangements early enough to hire licensed bar staff.

Come Up with a Variety of Options

The different guests that will attend the event may have different dietary needs and preferences. To ensure that everyone will appreciate your catering services, offer a variety of foods and drinks. Everyone can then choose what he/she prefers.dessert options

Decide on the Type of Service

You can decide to offer a buffet or wait staff service based on how busy the event schedule will be. To save a lot of time and ensure focus is on the speaker, a full-service wait staff may be a good idea. For a more relaxed corporate event, such as when there is an open bar, a self-serve buffet may be the right choice.…